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Border Boosters Square and Round Dance Association
Association pour la Promotion des Danses Ronde et Carrée

Photos and Videos
of memorable events in our square dance community

Irish Shindig 2019 at Swinging Stars'

Melting Snow Dance 2019 at Seaway Swingers'

Celebrating Valentine's Day at Swinging B's

BBS&RDA Fall Fest Dance 2018

Circles & Squares Barn Dance 2018

BBS&RDA 50th Anniversary

  • BBS&RDA Banner
  • 50th Anniversary Celebration
  • 50th Anniversary Certificate awarded by Peter (CSRDS Rep.) to Stephanie (BBS&RDA President)
  • Round Dancing with Inka
  • Round Dancing with Inka
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Square up!
  • Friendship Ring

BBS&RDA 50th Anniversary Dance wrapping up
with the "Ring of Friendship"

Summer Magic 2017

More Summer Magic 2017


Carnival of Rounds, Montreal, January 24, 2015

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August 30, 2013

Loblaws 2013

Demo dance by Seaway Swingers At Loblaw's in Brossard
for the promotion of Square Dancing and
the President's Choice Children's Charity.

Earleen/Russell Plaque
Presentation made to Earleen & Russell at 2013 Camp and Dance Weekend - June 1, 2013
Thank you both for all your hard work making this a fun filled weekend, we will miss you.

Graduates 2013

BBS & RDA - Spring Jamboree 2013 Graduates